Increase your open rate with these Email Subject Lines

A lot of people have inboxes that are full and most of those emails aren’t even opened. That’s when an email cleaning spree comes in hand. Yet when anyone goes through their inbox they are going to look at the subject line trying to figure out what to delete. So it is important to have a headline to your email that will catch the eye because if you don’t it may get lost in the ether. Here’s a few email subject line tips you might want to try.

Keep it Simple

Minimalism actually goes a long way with emails. In fact MailChimp did a study on which emails people were more likely to open and the short, simple, to the point emails ruled over the cheesy lure styled ones. These types of emails mostly do well with people who already have an existing connection. For example an update on account for an already existing client. 

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Make it Funny

This approach to email marketing has to be appropriate and only works with certain companies. Of course it will stand out because it’s not dry or boring but again it has to fit with the company’s voice and overall tone. 

Use Just a Single Word

This approach goes with the first tip which is to keep it simple. Just placing the name of the brand or a simple exact word that describes the content is an effective way of getting people to open the emails. Again this approach will mostly just work for current clients. 

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Add Some Numbers or Make it Listicle Style 

Our brains are naturally drawn to digits, so using it in email marketing creates curiosity as well as promising a quick/easy read. The numbers in addition to words are what catch our eye and make us drawn to it. 

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Personalize it

Regardless of whether it is a general email or not adding that special touch changes the game. If you feel that a company is sending you a message for you specifically there is a sense of ‘I am special’. Therefore, people would be more likely to open it.

 Ask a question

Asking a question is always a good way to draw someone in. In the email if you provide information regarding the answer to that question, the person is automatically more intrigued. This also can help you pinpoint people who are interested in your business/what you do vs those who are not. 


Entrust a Company to Create Perfect Email Subject Lines for You

Another good option if you feel that your email marketing campaigns are not working is to consult experts like our team here at Simply The Best Digital. We will be able to help you with all your email marketing needs as well as tell you what services work best for your business. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]