How to Increase Engagement on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is probably the best platform for engagement. Especially when looking for B2B relationships. LinkedIn is a platform that is underrated and specifically used for business therefore it is a goldmine for connections. Here’s a few ways you can utilize this platform to your advantage.

Utilize already created content for LinkedIn Posts

Now this may sound strange but let me explain exactly what that means. If you are wondering what to post to Linkedin you do not have to create new content. In fact look over all content you already have and put it in a LinkedIn friendly format. What that means is you can take a piece of long form content and break it down into 10 smaller pieces of content and utilize that. On top of it you can link directly to that post.

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 Downloadable Documents (Not Lead-In magnet) 

Unlike the usual lead-in magnet forms where you have to opt-in to a company’s email list to get the resources mentioned, LinkedIn allows them to open it directly there. Now this may sound odd to give away information for free but it actually promotes engagement and impressions. It helps establish trust and shows your value to others on the platform. 

To create these downloadable docs you don’t need anything fancy made by a graphic designer in fact just use content you already have available. Just copy and paste that information into a doc, add links, and call to actions. Then that document is ready to go and promotes engagement and impressions.

The reason this works well is because this shows people that you are really there to help and willing to give away advice for free. Therefore they actually want to pay you to receive more of that information or they see the amount of knowledge you have. That makes them want to hire you to provide them with that service.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

 Employee Content

If you are looking to get as much engagement as possible, why wouldn’t you, lean on your team! Any employee based content is only going to help generate that traffic. Believe it or not employee based content actually performs better than branded content. The reasoning for that is it puts a face to the content.

The key to getting this system to work is asking your employees to share content. It’s important to tell the employees the importance of sharing the posts and why it would help the company. 

Start Posting to LinkedIn

These tips all have been tested and proven to promote engagement. If you are looking to further your strategy on LinkedIn contact a digital marketing agency like Simply The Best Digital. Here we custom make strategies that work for your business. Whether it’s Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, or Google My Business, etc. Simply The Best has you covered. So call the best digital experts around today and let’s get started.