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What Exactly is SEO and Why do I Need it?

SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is the process of getting you seen on the Internet. If you search for anything your target goal is to be within those first two pages. That’s where SEO comes in, see with our proven strategy we’ve helped numerous companies rank highly for their industry keywords. 

SEO has evolved over the years beyond just inputting keywords into the coding of your site, now it’s about having high quality content, proper site structuring and more. We work on finding the trends for your industry and getting you to meet those standards to rank. We improve your rankings, visibility and overall site traffic volume. 

It is also important to note in SEO there is no one size fits all formula and the method in which you use to rank is constantly changing. Those standards are mostly set by the search engines themselves. The largest of which being Google who every few years changes its algorithm therefore the way in which SEO is done changes. 

When looking for a digital marketing agency you want one that is constantly updating their realm of knowledge on any topic. We keep up to date with algorithm changes, marketing trends, and more. We want to make sure we get our clients the best exposure. 

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With Our Search Engine Optimization Process - You'll see an increase in traffic that spends money

Using SEO to boost your credibility and online presence has been in practice long before cell phones. Many have sought out SEO services and achieved results with great success. The question is, “Are you ready for success?”

S.T.B.P.R. offers a very successful approach to making your company’s online reputation appear like one of the most sought after company’s in the neighborhood. See more about our P.R. services here.

SEO Campaign On-boarding

Kickoff Data Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Analytics Auditing

Website Quality Audit

Targeted keyword Content Optimization

Internal Link Optimization

On Page Optimization

Optimizing Crawling & Indexing

Content Marketing & Link Building

Website Usability & Conversion Optimization

OFF Page Optimization for Local or National

Simply The Best Public Relations

We help you achieve results!