Everything you need to know about Link Building 

Backlinks are extremely important to SEO, but many people don’t know what it means. So here’s everything you need to know about SEO backlinks and how they contribute to your standing. 

The Types of Links

To start I figured it would be good to highlight the different types of links. Here’s three different types of links: 

  • Backlinks: An external site links to your content on your site (ie a blog post, infographic, etc.) 
  • Internal Links: A link that is on one page of your site and leads to another page on your site. 
  • External Links: A link that leads to a third party site that has relevant information. 

Every form of link serves a different purpose in your on site SEO. For Example, internal links help Google better understand your site structure and exactly what to crawl. 

seo backlinks

Follow and Non-Follow Links

Links all have different effects and not all are created equally. Here’s exactly what Follow vs Non Follow links mean.

  • Follow: Legitimate links which lead to exactly where you want in relation to backlinks
  • Non-Follow: These links are applied on the backend and you can see them in the URL’s. This basically tells google not to crawl those links, but also those sites don’t receive any of the benefits.

Non Follow links are mostly used for untrusted content, links that don’t need to be crawled, or paid links. The reason these measures are taken are to protect the site and to ensure that the site’s SEO isn’t jeopardized in any way. Therefore these SEO backlinks don’t serve much of a purpose beside giving slightly more information to clients. 

seo backlinks

So what exactly does an SEO backlink do? 

Well SEO backlinking tells Google you are a credible source and the links increase your Domain Authority. Domain Authority is essentially how relevant to a specific industry or topic a site is. The more backlinks the more for google to crawl. So you want to ensure those links are on credible and relevant publications/sites. 

What do I need to do to get quality backlinks? 

Well here’s a few things you can try to ensure you get quality SEO backlinks. First create quality content, this means something meaningful, informative, and engaging. It should be geared towards your target audience, include relevant keywords, and should be adding to what information is already out there. You can also try to write some guest posts meaning writing content on another person’s site. Or lastly you can try creating some really engaging infographics. 

But if you are still unsure of what SEO backlinks are and how to use them contact a Digital Marketing Agency like us here at Simply The Best Digital.  We will be able to help you with all of your SEO needs including keyword research, SEO backlinks, and engaging content. So call now and let us help you get started on your SEO journey